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Basic Terrain

Basic Terrain

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Terrains represent the battlefields armies fight on! Players must choose terrains that gives the best advantage to their army.

The Basic Terrains expansion brings to the battlefield an assortment of choices for the Dragon Dice general to use in their quest to conquer Esfah, from tall towers, crowded cities, magical standing stones and sacred temples. Coastlands, Feylands, Flatlands, Highlands, Swamplands, and Wastelands can confer distinct advantages to the various species involved in the battle.

Each Basic Terrains expansion contains six 8-sided Dragon Dice, one each of Coastlands, Feylands, Flatlands, Highlands, Swamplands, and Wastelands, with the 8th face type randomly distributed (City, Standing stones, Temple, or Tower) and a sheet to identify your dice.

To play Dragon Dice, you need:

  • 30 health points of army units (or 2 species Kickers) per player
  • 3 Terrains to represent the battlefields
  • 2 Dragons per player
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