How to Play Dragon Dice

Dragon Dice is a compact and streamlined wargame - anyone can play, anywhere!

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  • Maneuver the battlefield

    Move your forces closer for melee attacks, or further away for missile and magic tactics.

  • Attack!

    Roll to perform melee or missile attacks on the enemy, or cast spells using magic!

  • Reinforce!

    Deploy your forces to other battlefield locations, or retreat if things are dire!

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Beginning Phase

Activate special abilities

Take advantage of your species abilities, and benefits offered by captured battlefield locations.

Dragon Attack Phase


Beware of dragons summoned to your locations, they will attack!

Army Phase

The armies battle!

Maneuver battlefield locations to perform melee, missile, or magic attacks.

End Phase

Reinforce, or retreat!

Now is the time to recollect your forces. Are they needed elsewhere? Retreat to the safety of your reserves!