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Playmat (Two Player)

Playmat (Two Player)

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Full colour fabric surfaced rubber backed game mat. Soft and flexible dye sublimation imprinted mats that can be rolled or folded for easy transport while retaining their vibrancy.

Play mats muffle the rattle of rolling dice during game play, as well as providing the battlefield locations in rich themed artwork. Turn sequence and action resolution steps are shown in the corners of each players side for quick reference.

Dimensions are approximately 61 X 71 cm x 2mm thick. Rubber backing lets the play mat lay flat and prevents the mat from shifting during use. 

To play Dragon Dice, you need:

  • 30 health points of army units (or 2 species Kickers) per player
  • 3 Terrains to represent the battlefields
  • 2 Dragons per player
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