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Secrets of the Shadowlands, Book 3 of the Cyrean Songs series (Paperback)

Secrets of the Shadowlands, Book 3 of the Cyrean Songs series (Paperback)

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An army of the dead waits in the blistering cold surrounding Icehome.
Political intrigue and coups disrupt the adventurers at every turn.
And where in Sha’la’dinan did Coryn sa’Geril disappear to?

Broken and bloodied from the siege of their home, the dwarves of Balgavar Reaches launch an offensive to save their allies in the Shadowlands stronghold of Castle Ice. But the selumari airship they’ve commandeered can only do so much in the face of such great evil.

Now, with the undead General Leisterbane revealed the frozen bloodless pour out of the Heimdarl Crag. Their target is certain: a sacred grove in the north that was long protected by ancient sages—and Leisterbane has acquired the maps and knowledge to access it, stolen from both dwarves and elves alike. He has the means to destroy the power it represents, and hobble the nature of all magic on the planet.

Ra’al knows he can stop Lesterbane. But his party is split with the morehl trying to depose Saugor, the Death cultist and king of the lava elves, and Geril Dragonsbane chasing Harol the acolyte halfway across the world to stop the banished dwarf from fulfilling his dark quest: to delve the Netherwold and revive Nekarthis the Worldbreaker.

If Ra’al can’t find Coryn and stop the march of the dead, all could be lost!

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