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Rise of the Champions (paperback)

Rise of the Champions (paperback)

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When purchased directly from us, this book includes a promo Silver Dracolem Champion die (while supplies last)

Dragons & Fire.

Dwarves and Magic Axes… ...and a whole lot of goblins!

Hy’Targ the dwarf and his crew take up the mantle of the Gods’own: the chosen champions of the gods. When Hy’Targ, Varanthl, Mantieth, and Elorall set out to quest after a mysterious relic so that crazed Death cultists cannot retrieve it, the Gods’own finds themselves flung into a much larger adventure than they could have ever foreseen! Hoping to find the stolen dragonkin belonging to the Adventurer King, Hy’Targ and the Gods’own split their attention and head through trog-infested lands en route to a human city where the dwarf prince’s adversarial uncle has traveled.
There, they discover an ancient symbol leading to the gremmlobahnd: the mysterious gnomes who seemingly disappeared from Esfah long ago. And what the party discovers has everyone pursuing them. More questions are asked than the Gods’own can seemingly answer. What is the Kreethaln's real purpose? Who is the Gray Wanderer? Where did Taryl’s nephew disappear to, and who is that red elf on the horizon? But for Hy’Targ, something bothers him more than the wars erupting around his continent. More disturbing than the black dragon riders, crazed cultists, the new rising army of goblins, or even the evidence that Melkior is defeated but not permanently, is the revelation of his mother’s fate. Queen Sh’Ttil may be gone forever—but a member of his own party may have had something to do with it.

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