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Eye of the Storm, Book 2 of the Cyrean Songs series (Paperback)

Eye of the Storm, Book 2 of the Cyrean Songs series (Paperback)

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When purchased directly from us, this book includes a promo Alternate Yellow Inked Vindicator die, the largest Melee unit of the Frostwing species! (while supplies last)

A hidden treasure waits for the children of two heroes,
A reluctant prince living in his father's shadow,
And a horde of undead gathering in frozen wastes...

Coryn sa’Geril, daughter of the famed hero of Balgavar Reaches, is best friends with Ra’al, a monstrous creature of the frozen north. Ra’al happens to be the son of another champion—a king who died to save the Kafnysan Mountains decades ago. Together, they travel to Tulgesh in hopes of enlisting aid from the selumari, the blue elves, fearing that the worst has happened: the undead have been moving unchecked in the tundra for centuries…

…although the random animated skeleton or zombie is often spotted wandering aimlessly across the frozen tundras of the Shadowlands, something has changed. Something appears to be mobilizing them. Some new force guides the dead and bends them to its sinister purpose! If they hope to combat it, Coryn feels she must undo the actions her father took decades ago to save their people from the vicious lava elves of Mount Uruzak.

Can Coryn find the hidden cache of magestorm weapons her father buried a generation ago and stop the looming threat in the north? Even if she can find them, who can she and Ra’al trust?

A game of shadows plays out as the storm unfolds around them!

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