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Army of the Dead (Paperback)

Army of the Dead (Paperback)

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When purchased directly from us, this book includes a promo Heucuva (Undead) die with Glow in the Dark ink! (while supplies last)

Honour. Glory! Necromancy,... and of course, dragons.

Following the Battle of Wakefield Plain, the Lava Elves are driven back to their eastern home and the Dwarves of Dehnlee are looking forward to peace, but when the Dead begin to rise and form a new army of darkness, the Dwarven army is forced to fight once more, this time against an army which includes their own deceased brethren.
The Warlord Adelric, weary from the Battle of Wakefield Plain, finds contentment in his Dehnlee home, off the coast of the Delmara Bay. His tranquility is shattered all-too soon with rumors of an army of darkness rising past the nearby Boland Marsh: a new evil led by an unseen enemy.

Now thrust into a new conflict with an evil wizard, Adelric faces his toughest opponent yet: one who can revive dead soldiers as they fall, creating a new and powerful undead army. Can the war-weary Adelric marshal his forces one last time against this latest threat to his homeland’s peace?

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