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This Kicker contains units that make up player armies. Each species has unique abilities and terrain advantages! Collect them all!

Death sought new minions to send into the battlefield and found them in the bodies that littered every battlefield on Esfah. He christened his new creations the Undead, and sent shambling corpses, ethereal spirits, and desperate, power-hungry mortals into battle. The Undead draw on only the element of Death when casting magic. Their melee might and toughness are unequalled on Esfah, but at the sacrifice of the ability to operate ranged weapons. Harness these foul creatures of darkness for your own armies!

Each kicker box contains random army units:

  • 4 x small 6-sided units
  • 2 x medium 6-sided units
  • 1 x large 6-sided unit
  • 1 x 10-sided monster

To play Dragon Dice, you need*:

  • 2 x Species Kickers per player*
  • 2 x Terrains per player to represent the battlefields
  • 2 x Dragons per player

    *recommended size of player armies
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