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This Kicker contains units that make up player armies. Each species has unique abilities and terrain advantages! Collect them all!

Nature stretched out her hand once more, but neither she nor Death could control her newest creations. The forgotten children of Nature, Scalders now bring their desire to se the world aflame to your battlefields. Creatures of Fire and Water, their flaming clubs, fiery arrows, and steaming charms provides a wild new race to command. Now you can harness the wrath of the Scalders and their allied monsters to scorch your way to victory in Esfah!

Each kicker box contains random army units:

  • 4 x small 6-sided units
  • 2 x medium 6-sided units
  • 1 x large 6-sided unit
  • 1 x 10-sided monster

To play Dragon Dice, you need*:

  • 2 x Species Kickers per player*
  • 2 x Terrains per player to represent the battlefields
  • 2 x Dragons per player

    *recommended size of player armies
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