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This Kicker contains units that make up player armies. Each species has unique abilities and terrain advantages! Collect them all!

As war swept across the face of Esfah like prairie fire, the conflict spread even unto the far north. There, in a frozen bitter land, a long-forgotten species scraped out its torturous existence on the icy cliffs of the Shadowlands. The Frostwings, as they whisperingly call themselves, were the misbegotten product of an early, dangerous experiment by Death. The spirit of entropy had carved these batlike flyers from crystals of black ice formed on the peaks of the highest mountains.

Each kicker box contains random army units:

  • 4 x small 6-sided units
  • 2 x medium 6-sided units
  • 1 x large 6-sided unit
  • 1 x 10-sided monster

To play Dragon Dice, you need*:

  • 2 x Species Kickers per player*
  • 2 x Terrains per player to represent the battlefields
  • 2 x Dragons per player

    *recommended size of player armies
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