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Acolytes of Eldarim

Acolytes of Eldarim

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This Kicker contains units that make up player armies. Each species has unique abilities and terrain advantages! Collect them all!

They were the lonely legends of Esfah; the ancient species of Eldarim, Dragonmaster, Dragonhunters, and Dragonzealots. Their power against dragons inspired awe; their might in arms and magic aroused wonder. Each held the power of one of Esfah’s elements in hand.

They were wanderers throughout the land and attracted small groups of followers. The Eldarim began teaching these curious ones the powers of the elements they knew. As the Acolytes gained control over their element, they also began to gain control over the elemental creatures of Esfah. True, they were no match for the dragons, but the dragonkin found in them kindred souls. Skilled warriors, swift cavalry, crafty shield-bearers, and elemental mages learned to harness powers they had little dreamed of.

Each kicker box contains random army units:

  • 6 x small 6-sided units
  • 3 x medium 6-sided units
  • 2 x large 6-sided unit

To play Dragon Dice, you need*:

  • 2 x Species Kickers per player*
  • 2 x Terrains per player to represent the battlefields
  • 2 x Dragons per player

    *recommended size of player armies
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