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Eldarim Champions (Set of 6)

Eldarim Champions (Set of 6)

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Champion style

These are the champions of the Eldarim species. See the Acolytes of Eldarim kicker for more information.

Dragonlord/Dragonmasters - Tame attacking dragons and ride them to any other terrain. These are the all-rounder champions with more chance of magic results than the others.

Dragonslayer/Dragonhunters - Secretive warriors who live to battle dragons, knowing their weaknesses better than others. Mighty with a blade but slow of foot.

Dragoncrusader/Dragonzealots - These powerful warriors can command the actions of dragons. Their stronger armour and shields will protect their armies.

Each set contains:

  • One white Dragonlord, Dragonslayer, or Dragoncrusader
  • Five Dragonmasters, Dragonhunters, or Dragonzealots, one each of black, blue, green, red, and yellow


This is an expansion - to play Dragon Dice, you also need:

  • 30 health points of army units (or 2 species Kickers) per player
  • 3 Terrains to represent the battlefields
  • 2 Dragons per player
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