Spells, Magic and Dragons

Spells are cast using magic and can change the battle! Increase roll results, Inflict more damage, and summon dragons!

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  • Death Spells

    Drain your enemies health, save rolls, and magic rolls. Bury their kin with dark magic.

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  • Air Spells

    Harness the power of wind and air to maneuver armies or force the enemy army back.

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  • Water Spells

    Flood the battlefields or recover lost units with water magic.

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  • Fire Spells

    Set the battle ablaze with firestorms and turn your enemy to ash.

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  • Earth Spells

    Earth magic helps you maneuver terrains and transform landscapes to inflict damage.

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  • Elemental Spells

    Call upon the elements to summon Dragons, or resurrect the fallen.

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